Poland's leasing market to grow by 6.3 pct in 2020 - lobby

The Polish leasing market is expected to rebound by 6.3 percent in 2020 after a 5.8 percent slump in 2019, the Polish Leasing Association (ZPL) has announced.

The 6.3 percent annual growth will be in line with rising private investment and Poland's economic growth figure, ZPL wrote in a news release.

"This year the leasing sector may offer financing in excess of PLN 82.7 bln (EUR 19.31 bln)," ZPL wrote. This would be a new record high after the one set in 2018 at PLN 82.6 bln (EUR 19.28 bln).

The total value of leasing contracts signed in 2019 fell by 5.8 percent to PLN 77.8 bln (EUR 18.16 bln).

The outstanding amount of leasing contracts increased by 9.4 percent to PLN 160.4 bln (EUR 37.44 bln) in 2019, the Association's data show, with passenger cars and small delivery vehicles constituting 45.3 percent of the market, followed by machinery and IT equipment with 29 percent.