Poland's inflation to hit 5.8-5.9 percent in 2022 FinMin says

The annual average inflation rate will reach 5.8-5.9 percent next year, the finance minister has said.

Poland's consumer price inflation, or the CPI, reached 7.8 percent in November, according to Central Statistical Office data.

"This year, the annual average inflation will reach about 5 percent and next year about 5.8-5.9 percent," Tadeusz Koscinski said in an interview with the Rzeczpospolita newspaper published on Monday.

The Polish zloty has weakened by nearly 10 percent against the US dollar since the start of the year, but Koscinski said the outlook for the national currency was optimistic.

"At the moment the zloty is relatively weak, so I can see room for its strengthening, which would be beneficial for inflation," he said.

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