Poland's governing party short of ruling majority - poll

Law and Justice, Poland's ruling conservative party, would stand little chance of forming an independent government if the elections were held right now, according to a survey run for two media outlets.

The United Surveys poll carried out for the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna newspaper and radio broadcaster RMF FM shows that Law and Justice (PiS) could get 201 seats in the lower house of parliament, 30 short of a in the 460 member Sejm.

The party's main rival, the centrist Civic Coalition (KO), would win 134 seats while the conservative grassroots movement Poland 2050, led by a former TV personality and Catholic columnist Szymon Holownia, could get 59.

The other two parties likely to get seats would be the Left with 45, and the pro-agrarian Polish People's Party (PSL) with 20.

"The people we talked to expect that PiS's ratings will rebound. They are pinning their hopes on better pandemic results and the planned distribution of the (Covid-19) vaccine," the paper writes.

Percentage-wise, support for PiS increased by 2.7 percentage points from the last survey to 33.6 percent, whereas support for KO declined by 2.3 percentage points to 23 percent. Poland 2050 lost 2.9 percentage points and could count on 11.8 percent of the vote.