Poland's Exatel opens satellite teleport

Exatel, a Polish state-owned IT and telecom company, has opened a satellite telecommunication port that will be used for communication by Polish state institutions as well as private companies.

The teleport consists of seven satellite dishes, with the biggest measuring 6.3 metres in diameter, the company said on Tuesday.

The teleport services are now used by Poland's Foreign Ministry.

The launch of the new facility is important for Polish state, Deputy State Assets Minister Maciej Malecki said at the opening ceremony.

"It strengthens the communication capacity of Polish institutions around the world. It is an important step on the way to building the cyber-sovereignty of our country," Malecki said.

"It is the only satellite teleport in Central and Eastern Europe that has been built by a state-owned company," he added.

According to Exatel, the teleport will be able to connect with almost any place on the planet.

It can also be used as a mission control centre, managing a constellation of Polish observation or telecommunication satellites to be built in the future, Exatel added.