Poland's energy transition to cost EUR 355 billion by 2040

Poland's energy transition in the years 2021-2040 is likely to total PLN 1.6 trillion (EUR 355 billion), according to Poland's new energy policy, valid till 2040.

According to the new guidelines, renewable energy will constitute at least 23 percent of final energy consumption by 2030. Offshore wind farms will generate 5.9 GW of power by 2030 and 11 GW by 2040.

Poland also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 30 percent by 2030, as compared to 1990. By 2040, all households will be kept warm by district heating or by zero- or low-emission individual heating units.

The energy transition costs are likely to total PLN 1.6 trillion (EUR 355 billion). It has been estimated that by 2030, PLN 260 billion (EUR 57.8 billion), including both EU and domestic funds, will be invested in the national energy and climate transition.

In 2033, Poland should launch the first unit in its first nuclear power plant, generating some 1-1.6 GW of power. Subsequent units should be started every two to three years until the target of six units is reached.

Natural gas is planned as a "bridge fuel" between fossil fuels and renewable energy.

In 2020, the share of coal in Poland’s energy mix was 70 percent compared to over 73 percent in 2019.