Poland's electricity prices are among highest in Europe - ministry

Poland's electricity prices are among the highest in Europe. Pictured: power plant Kozienice. Leszek Szymański/PAP

Energy prices in Poland are among the highest in Europe, and also the highest in comparison to its neighboring industrialised countries, an analysis by the Development Ministry has said.

The analysis shows that prices on the Polish market differ significantly both in terms of the level and the trend governing the average price of electricity in Poland's direct neighbors.

On average, in 2015-2019, energy prices in Poland were 19 percent higher than in Germany, 20 percent higher than in the Czech Republic, 16 percent higher in relation to Slovakia and 7 percent in comparison to Romania.

The ministry estimates that high energy prices have a negative impact on the Polish steel industry, whose energy costs constitute 40 percent of the processing costs.