Poland's economy to grow by 4.1 pct in 2022 - business lobby

Polish economic growth should reach 4.1 percent next year, down from the expected 6.2 percent annual growth in 2021, the private employers' organisation Lewiatan has said.

In its report published on Tuesday, Lewiatan said that Poland had fared better than most EU economies following the 2020 coronavirus crisis.

"Our economy has recovered surprisingly fast this year," Lewiatan said. "It has been fuelled mainly by industry, and recently also by growing investment and inventories.

"We project that Poland will end the year 2021 with GDP growth at 6.2 percent," the organisation said.

Explaining the reasons behind its projection of a 4.1 percent growth in 2022, Lewiatan mentioned the government's stimulation programmes, including the new economic reform package Polish Deal, an anti-inflation shield aimed to protect low-earners against rising prices and the potential inflow of EU money from the bloc's post-pandemic recovery funds.

Lewiatan also expects Poland's rising inflation to peak at 8.3 percent in December.

In this context, according to Lewiatan, the central bank will continue its monetary tightening policy and the reference interest rate, which now stands at 1.75 percent, is projected to reach the target level of 3 percent.