Poland’s economic growth likely to slow in 2022

The pace of Polish economic growth may ease in 2022, with GDP reaching 4.5 percent, according to the head of the Polish Development Fund, Pawel Borys.

The chief of the state-owned development fund said that a few months ago it would have been possible to expect GDP growth next year to exceed 5 percent.

"However, due to the possible cooling down of the Polish economy in coming months, the GDP growth will probably be around the 4.5-percent mark," said Borys in an interview for the Biznes24 website, as quoted by PAP.

He added, however, that 4.5 percent was still "a strong rebound."

Borys also said that the "foundations of our economy do not indicate that the zloty will continue to a slide in the long run."

Poland's central bank sets its fixed EUR/PLN rate on Tuesday at 4.71, which means that zloty is at its weakest level in 12 years.

There are concerns that the depreciation of the zloty will help drive up inflation, which is already at the highest point in 20 years.