Poland's e-commerce market to double by 2027

The Polish e-commerce market is expected to expand to twice its current size by 2027 and its share in total retail sales is likely to reach 17 percent in five years' time, a new report has found.

The electronic commerce market will grow by more than PLN 94 billion in value (EUR 19.6 billion) over the next five years, and will be worth PLN 187 billion (EUR 39 billion) in 2027, according to the report from Strategy & Polska, a unit of global accounting firm PwC.

This year alone, the e-commerce market may expand by 18.6 percent year on year to PLN 109 billion (EUR 22.7 billion) and by another 13.7 percent in 2023, reaching a value of PLN 124 billion (EUR 25.9 billion), the report said.

Strategy & Polska analysts expect to see further growth in large e-commerce platforms, including Poland-based Allegro and global firms Amazon and Shopee. They also expect the platforms to take more business away from e-commerce shops. In 2021, the platforms were responsible for 45 percent of the value of all online trade, but the figure is expected to grow to 55 percent in 2027.