Poland's defence minister approves offset contracts worth EUR 224 mln

Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and Raytheon's representative John D. Green Radek Pietruszka/PAP

The Polish minister of defence, in Warsaw on Friday, approved offset agreements with US companies that total almost PLN 1 billion (EUR 224 mln) and concern elements for medium-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence systems.

According to the Ministry of Defence, the offset agreements with Raytheon and Lockheed Martin will allow service, repair and production facilities to be created in Poland that will support the second phase of Wisla air defence programme. 

The signing of the agreements represents a continuation of the process initiated in the first phase of the Wisla programme.

Mariusz Blaszczak pointed out that the response of the Polish government to threats that had arisen from the aggressive policies of Russia was to reinforce the Polish army by expanding its numbers and modernising its equipment.

"We are pleased that this (Polish-US - PAP) synergy is so seamless that we can modernise the equipment of the Polish Army based primarily on cooperation with the US armed forces," he said.

Later on Friday, John D. Green, a director at Raytheon, wrote in a statement that his company would proudly continue its partnership with Poland's defence ministry and the defence industry represented by the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ).

He noted that today marked the second stage of Poland's acquisition and development of the integrated air and missile defenses, and that joint achievements had been achieved during the first phase of the Wisla programme in the production and delivery of the Patriot system and many key elements of its architecture.

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