Poland's daily Covid infections hit all-time record of 35,251

Poland reported a record-high 35,251 new coronavirus infections on Thursday, the Health Ministry has said.

The daily death toll reached 621 people as the latest Covid-19 wave tightens its grip on the country.

The healthcare system is now handling 31,811 Covid-19 hospitalisations, up from 31,311 recorded the day prior, including 3,143 patients on ventilators, against the total of 870 ventilators available, the Health Ministry said on Twitter. Poland currently has over 9,400 free beds for new Covid patients.

The health ministry also reported that 468,310 people are under quarantine. So far, 1,882,179 people have recovered.

In all, 6,081,824 Poles have already received jabs against Covid-19, with 2,019,040 of those having had both doses of the vaccine, according to data posted on the official government website, gov.pl.