Poland winner of EU summit - German daily

In the opinion of a Frankfurter Rundschau journalist, Poland has achieved success at the EU summit, since it has won the largest amount of money from both the newly negotiated EU budget and the Recovery Fund.

Ukrich Kroekel, the author of the article published by the German daily on Friday, believes that Poland has been the greatest winner at the EU summit despite its serious shortcomings regarding the rule of law, and despite being a country which has been continuously halting climate-related regulations.

The daily also underlined that, owing to the EU funds, Poland is a country marked by the largest economic miracle over the recent years, and that this has made Poland more resilient to the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, than other EU members.

According to Kroekel, the success of the Polish government can be 'irritating' due to political tensions in Poland and government attacks against the independence of courts and press freedom. But, despite this, both Poland and Hungary have managed to foil plans to tie EU funds to the observance of the rule of law, the daily wrote.

The author has also expressed his opinion that the role of Poland 'as the main brake' to EU climate policy, will allow Poland to 'buy' the transition of the energy sector to renewable sources, at a high price.