Poland will send vaccines for its diplomats in India

Adam Warżawa/PAP

This week Poland will send Covid-19 vaccines to its embassy in India, the prime minister's staff head Michal Dworczyk said on Monday.

"We are planning... to send vaccines to India this week, so that all our staff can be inoculated against the coronavirus," Dworczyk said.

Dworczyk said that the Covid-19 vaccines will be sent this week and that the embassy has already been provided with oxygen compressors and other equipment needed to treat possible Covid infections.

The move is a response to the spread of the coronavirus among the embassy's personnel. On Sunday, one of the mission's employees arrived in Poland on a special plane with severe Covid symptoms. He was accompanied by his pregnant and also Covid-infected wife, and four children.

Asked if the government planned to evacuate the embassy, Dworczyk said the situation in the mission was being constantly monitored.

India currently holds the world record in Covid infections, with 352,991 new cases reported over the last 24 hours.