Poland will seek to curb social media's "censorship" practice - PM

Mateusz Morawiecki/Facebook

The Polish government will do everything to map out the framework for operation of global social media, including on the EU forum, to stop them from undermining freedom of speech, Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, wrote on Facebook.

"The freedom resulting from lack of regulation of the internet has a number of positive effects. But there are also negative ones: gradually, the internet has become dominated by large, multinational corporations that are richer than many countries. These corporations have started to treat our internet activity as a source of profit only, and a way to strengthen their global domination. They adhere to political correctness in a way they deem appropriate. And they fight those who oppose them," the prime minister wrote.

Morawiecki said that recently the internet has increasingly often seen "censorship of the freedom of speech."

"We don't have to agree with what our opponents write, but we can't forbid anyone to voice their views if they are allowed by law," Morawiecki also said, adding that "neither algorithms nor the owners of corporate giants should decide which views are correct and which are not."

"We'll do everything to map out the framework for operation of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other similar platforms," the prime minister vowed.

"In Poland, we regulate this with relevant domestic laws. We'll also suggest that similar laws be introduced across the European Union," Morawiecki wrote.

Late last year, the European Commission presented a draft regulation under which US technological companies would face huge fines and the necessity to split up if they fail to respect EU laws.

The blocking of US President Donald Trump's Twitter account has sparked global discussion on potential regulation of large digital platforms. The Polish justice minister, Zbigniew Ziobro, has pledged to draft such a regulation for domestic purposes.