Poland will not get involved in a Middle East war - deputy FM

Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski commenting on the tense situation in the Middle East stressed that Poland will not get involved in a war in the region but added that it will fulfill its allied obligations stemming from its NATO membership.

Jablonski asked by Polish Radio how Poland should react to the increasing conflict between the US and Iran said that it will appeal for the de-escalation of the conflict but at the same time will meet its allied obligations.

"We are not a country that will strive to escalate the conflict in Iran and get involved in a war in the Middle East. However, we will meet allied obligations stemming from our NATO membership and offer as much assistance as is required from us by the (NATO) Pact. If it is required from us we will be present in Iraq, but above all we call on countries to deescalate the conflict," said the minister.

Jablonski commenting on the present situation in the Middle East said he hopes that decisions made by both sides in the conflict are not final and that the Iraqi authorities will be open to NATO arguments "however, we cannot remain on their (Iraqi) territory contrary to their will."