Poland will likely keep zero VAT on food until year's end

A VAT exemption on some food items will probably be extended until the end of the year, the finance minister has said.

Magdalena Rzeczkowska told the private broadcaster Radio ZET on Wednesday that the cabinet should make the decision in April.

"There is no certainty, but it is probable," Rzeczkowska added, referring to the possibility of an extension.

The current exemption is in force until the end of June.

The exemption, which applies to certain basic food items such as bread and milk, was introduced last year to help Poles deal with soaring inflation.

"We'll see how inflation behaves, how in general the situation of Poles looks and then we'll make (the decision - PAP)," Rzeczkowska said.

Rzeczkowska's deputy, Artur Sobon, echoed her words in a conversation with the online news outlet wp.pl on Wednesday.

"It is a very likely scenario," he said of keeping the VAT rate at zero until the end of the year.