Poland will be a safe country for its neighbours in need

A traffic jam in Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine, 24 February 2022. SERGEY DOLZHENKO/PAP/EPA

Minister of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kaminski said on Thursday that Poland will be a safe haven for its Ukrainian neighbours fleeing the war in their homeland.

Speaking at a press conference on preparations for the possible admission of refugees from Ukraine, Kaminski said that in these difficult days Poland must show solidarity with Ukrainians at every level, "political, state and human".

"One of the manifestations of what will happen in Ukraine due to the fighting, and which we must take very seriously, will be the wave of refugees that will head to our country. People who will be escaping from the bombs exploding all over Ukraine, people fleeing for their lives, health and dignity," said the minister.

Kaminski added that "we will show solidarity to all Ukrainian brothers… We will do everything to ensure that everyone who needs it finds a safe haven in Poland. Poland is a safe country for our citizens and will also be a safe country for our neighbours, for our friends, for those who are in a very difficult situation at the moment."

According to Kaminski, Poland will support "the Ukrainian state, the Ukrainian nation, every one of our Ukrainian neighbours," he said.