PM: Poland wants to be a strong member of EU

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki while continuing his campaign tour before this autumn's local elections, told voters gathered in Sochaczew, west of Warsaw, on Monday, that Poland wants to be a part of Europe.

The PM stressed that Poland wants to be a very strong member of the European Union. "That's how it will be, we are strengthening our position," declared Morawiecki.

In his address, the PM recalled the pillars of the ruling Law and Justice party's local self-government policy, including the thermo-insulation of houses, cutting the costs of waste collection, support for senior citizens, including the building of retirement homes and clubs, the building of playgrounds for the youngest generations, and close to 3,000 sports facilities during the next two, three years, as well as the modernisation of railway connections.

The PM also referred to plans to introduce broadband internet access in all municipalities, including schools.

Addressing the gathering, Mateusz Morawiecki said that at its Tuesday meeting, the cabinet will review a draft law on the setting up of a local self-government road fund. "This will be some PLN 1.3 billion for roads. This will be the biggest repair of local, county and municipal roads of the past 30 years," argued the PM.