Poland wants more sanctions on Russia says PM


Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, reiterated Poland's case for more sanctions on Russia while attending an EU summit in Brussels.

"It is no secret that Poland demands more far-reaching sanctions and I believe that yet another package of sanctions will be imposed on the basis of yesterday's arrangements," Morawiecki said on Friday, the second day of the EU summit.

The Polish prime minister argued that the sanctions "must be very severe here and now," saying that mid- and long-term outcomes would not have any influence on Russia's current decisions regarding Ukraine.

To achieve this, "it is important to block the inflow of new funds... to Russia as quickly as possible," Morawiecki said, adding that the West should consider restrictions on Russia's oil, gas and coal trade.

Morawiecki complained that such countries as Germany, Austria and Hungary were reluctant to go ahead with such measures.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has lasted for more than a month now, resulting in thousands of deaths on both sides and millions of refugees. Moscow refuses to call the invasion a war and insists it is a "special military operation" aimed to "de-Nazify" and de-militarise Ukraine.