Poland wants EU visa ban for Russians says minister

Patrick Seeger/PAP/DPA

Poland wants an EU-level ban on visas for Russian tourists, a deputy foreign minister has said.

Talking to a public radio station on Monday, Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek said following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Poland stopped issuing tourist visas to Russians in late March and introduced a very restrictive visa policy.

"We have limited the issuing of visas to humanitarian situations, for those with the Polish Charter, where there are family members. This is a narrow group," Szynkowski vel Sek said.

He added that Poland has demanded that "such a restrictive policy of discontinuing tourist visas be introduced at the EU level."

"Because only then will it have the final effect," Szynkowski vel Sek said.

He added that an increasing number of countries have opted to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians and to radically limit the issuing of other visas.

Another deputy foreign minister, Piotr Wawrzyk, told PAP on August 14 that Poland was working on developing a concept that would allow for the refusal of issuing visas to Russian citizens.

He said that Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Denmark were also working on legislation to suspend granting visas to Russian citizens.