Poland wants EU to support cultivation of protein crops

Poland is among 15 EU signatories of a declaration advocating raised support for protein crop cultivation in the Community, the Polish Agriculture Ministry announced on Tuesday.

The declaration was signed at Monday's sitting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH) which groups EU agriculture and fisheries ministers.

Its signatories pointed out that raised EU support for protein plant farming, especially the cultivation of leguminous plants, will require reforms of the EU's Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), the ministry wrote.

Poland's Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, who represented Poland at the meeting, noted that Poland had repeatedly advocated increased support for protein crop farming and currently supported France's proposal of adequate CAP adjustments.

Ardanowski also stated that the production of plant protein presented an effective way of dealing with many environmental and climate challenges currently facing EU agriculture.

The ministry also informed about Ardanowski's response to German proposals regarding green architecture in farming and a new CAP implementation model after 2020. Presenting Poland's position in the matter, Ardanowski voiced support for sustainable agriculture but stressed that this also entailed adequate financial backing for farmers.

Ardanowski also voiced Poland's concern regarding the EC's plans to resign from WTO quotas in EU trade with Britain, even in the case of failure to conclude a bilateral free trade agreement. According to the Minister, the absence of a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom and the lack of access to WTO quotas would limit the EU countries' access to the British market compared to third countries using the quotas.

Ardanowski stressed that this was of especial importance in the case of agri-food products like meat, dairy, sugar and condiments.

Poland also signed a memorandum on agricultural research with Cyprus, the ministry wrote.

Also discussed at the AGRIFISH sitting was the current spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Europe.