Poland vital to restoring Ukraine's food exports, EU commissioner says

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest producers of grain. Mykola Kalyeniak/PAP

Poland has played a major role in restoring Ukraine's food exports to their pre-war level, the EU's agriculture commissioner told PAP on Tuesday.

Janusz Wojciechowski said it was possible to restore Ukraine's food exports thanks to special corridors that Poland has helped keep open.

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest producers of grain, and there have been fears that the disruption to its exports caused by the war could put more pressure on already stressed global food supplies.

"Ukrainian food exports have been successfully restored to their pre-war level. This was possible... because of the solidarity corridors. Poland played a major role here by securing the flow of goods across borders and providing transport," Wojciechowski said.

He added that Ukrainian food exports were of major importance to global food security.