Poland unlikely to face blackouts experts say

Poland should not experience electricity blackouts, according to a government think-tank.

"In 2022, Poland produced more electricity than a year earlier and was a net electricity exporter by the end of the second half of the year," Polish Economic Institute (PIE) experts wrote in the Thursday issue of an economic weekly.

"Poland's electricity consumption in the first half of the year remained nearly unchanged year on year," they added.

Many European countries could be hit by a shortage of power later in the year owing to boycotts of Russian coal, oil and gas, and a scramble to tap into already stressed alternative supplies.

According to PIE analysts, despite the current difficult geopolitical situation at the end of June, Poland's domestic energy production exceeded electricity demand.

But they added that while Poland was now not threatened by blackouts it might experience micro-blackouts in limited areas where "they could be caused by the growing use of energy for cooling, lower river levels and the overhaul of power stations."

"But the risk is very minimal, the more so as the heat-wave is coming to an end," the PIE experts said.