Poland, Ukraine team up to fight tax fraud

Polish and Ukrainian finance ministers have signed a bilateral declaration on strengthening cooperation in fighting tax fraud and carousel VAT fraud, the Polish Finance Ministry reported on Friday.

"Polish and Ukrainian finance ministers, Tadeusz Koscinski and Serhiy Marchenko, signed a declaration on cooperation in fighting tax fraud and carousel VAT fraud. It is yet another stage in the execution of the plan to tighten partnership in Europe in this respect, initiated by (Polish) PM Mateusz Morawiecki," the ministry wrote on Twitter.

The declaration was signed at an official ceremony in Kiev.

Koscinski said during his meeting with Marchenko that an "effective fight with tax fraud increases the security of our citizens and entrepreneurs," as well as raising budget revenues and strengthening Poland's key social policies.

Poland signed a similar declaration with Slovakia in June.

Poland has been advocating for creating a coalition of countries that seek "fair taxes" in Europe. Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki has been promoting the idea of "tax solidarity" and eradicating tax havens from the bloc.

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