Poland, Ukraine join forces to tackle tuberculosis on borderland

Poland and Ukraine are working together in a RRTB project aimed at reducing the risk of tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology in the border areas of the two countries, Funds and Regional Policy Ministry said in a Saturday statement.

The RRTB project is co-financed by the European Union from the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine.

Its main challenge is to handle the situation in Ukraine's Transcarpathian Region where the occurrence of TB is much higher than in the neighbouring countries, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. This is due to strong migration, a large number of people from risk groups, deficiencies in the Ukrainian health care system in Ukraine, lack of modern medical equipment, insufficient access to modern TB diagnosis and low detection of TB patients.

To reduce the risk of TB epidemiology in the border areas of Ukraine and Poland, a tuberculous hospital will be built in Nyzhnya Apsha village, alongside Zakarpattya Oblast, introducting innovative methods of tuberculous monitoring, prevention and treatment in the region.

Improvement of medical equipment in the Frederic Chopin Regional Clinical Hospital No.1 in Rzeszow, eastern Poland, is also foreseen as part of the RRTB project.

Poland will also share with the Ukrainian side its experience in preventing tuberculosis during joint training sessions.