Poland to take down FOUR Red Army memorials


Four memorials to the Soviet Red Army will be taken down on Thursday morning, the head of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), the body charged with investigating wartime and communist-era crimes, said on Wednesday.

"These memorials should have been gone long ago, because they deconstruct national awareness and relate to ahistorical facts," Karol Nawrocki told PAP.

Memorials to the Red Army are slowly disappearing from Poland despite protests from the Russian government. Unwanted and unloved reminders of Soviet domination over the country, they are either destroyed or moved to a museum.

The ones earmarked for removal are located in Glubczyce and Byczyna in south-western Poland, Bobolice in northwestern Poland, and Staszow in the southeast. All four will be disassembled at the same time, starting at 9am on Thursday, Nawrocki said.

"We are determined for all memorials commemorating the communist system to disappear from Poland," Nawrocki said.