Poland to spend over EUR 3 bln of EU money to improve air quality

Poland will spend over EUR 3 billion allocated to the National Recovery Plan on the improvement of air quality, the Climate and Environment Minister Michal Kurtyka said on Friday.

The National Recovery Plan is aimed at strengthening Polish economy harmed by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is financed from the European Union’s EUR 750 billion Recovery and Resilence Facility programme.

„More than EUR 3 billion from the pool of more than EUR 6.5 billion, which will be managed by the Minister of Climate and Environment, will be spent on activities to improve air quality,” Kurtyka told private broadcaster Polsat News.

„This can be translated into into 860,000 single-family homes, 120 heating systems, and over 1,000 zero-emission buses," he said.

Polish air quality is one of the worst in the EU, among others because old houses’ heating systems rely on coal.

The minister also said that the issue of transportation was an important element to be dealt with, as, for example, 60-70 percent of the pollution in Warsaw comes from transportation. "We will move in a direction, first of all, to replace the present fleet of buses with electric ones," he announced.

The government's National Recovery Plan is a programme for reviving the national economy from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and is based on five main pillars that cover digital transformation, strengthening economic resilience and competitiveness, health service reforms, green and smart mobility, and green energy transition combined with energy consumption reduction projects.