Poland to spend around EUR 328 mln on energy price compensations

Poland plans to earmark PLN 1.5 billion (ca. EUR 328 million) on energy price compensations for vulnerable households next year, climate minister has said.

Taking to public radio on Friday, Michal Kurtyka said the government is preparing a co-financing package to the tune of PLN 1.5 billion to offset the negative impact of rising energy prices.

"It will cover almost every fifth household in Poland. We want to take special care of households in a vulnerable income situation," he said.

Kurtyka said that the financial support will be offered to the social groups "where energy costs are a significant share of the household budget", such as retirees, disability pensioners with the lowest benefits and families with many children.

All energy consumers will be protected over the winter period and from November 1 to March 31 and it will not be possible to turn off the electricity for any household, Kurtyka said.

He added that the prepared solutions will also include support for energy companies "for example, by delaying liabilities, so that they can avoid falling into debt."