Poland to record two-digit increase in manufacturing in Q4 – analysts

Polish industrial output will see double-digit growth in the fourth quarter of the year, economists at the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) have predicted.

The projections, outlined by PIE on Monday, came just after the Central Statistical Office (GUS) had said that Poland's industrial output rose by 15.2 percent year on year and by 5.3 percent month on month in November.

"Polish industrial production sky-rocketed in November from 7.8 to 15.2 percent year on year, significantly above the average market prediction (8.5 percent)," said PIE, which advises the Polish government.

Manufacturing in Poland, it said, is driven by strong consumer demand on the domestic market and in Germany. "The best results were recorded by export industries such as the chemical sector (28.6 percent), the metal sector (26.7 percent) and the machine-parts sector (20.4 percent)," PIE said.

Industrial output, it added, "will reach double-digit growth in the fourth quarter of the year." However, the global shortage of semiconductors could dampen the performance of the Polish automotive sector.