Poland to receive 10 mln tonnes of coal by year-end, says minister


Poland will take delivery of 10 million tonnes of coal by the end of the year, a deputy state assets minister has said without specifying where the coal will come from.

Maciej Malecki told public radio on Tuesday that "coal is flowing in systematically" to Poland.

He added that Polish mines are also increasing their output.

Poland faces an energy shortfall owing to a boycott of Russian carbon fuels, and increased global competition for alternative means of energy.

Increasing coal production and imports is seen as way one of offsetting the shortfall.

Malecki also dismissed reports of some of the imported coal being of low quality and failing to meet required quality standards as "fake news."

"Coal importing companies handle their business on an everyday basis, they have reliable suppliers. This coal is thoroughly checked... so that Polish recipients receive coal of the appropriate quality," he said.

According to Malecki, if the market becomes saturated with coal, prices will stabilise.

In late July, Anna Moskwa, the Polish climate minister, said that State Treasury companies had signed contracts for more than 7 million tonnes of coal while over 3 million tonnes had already come to Poland. She said at the time that the coal was being imported from Colombia, Tanzania, the United States, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia.