Poland to prepare National Hydrogen Strategy

The Climate Ministry has been working on a Polish Hydrogen Strategy in order to make it easier to win EU funds for modern technical know-how. The announcement was made by the deputy climate minister and government commissioner for renewable energy sources.

"Under way is work on the Polish Hydrogen Strategy which will help us use EU structural funds from the new budget perspective," Ireneusz Zyska said.

"If the European Commission finds out that Poland has a long-term policy, it will become easier for us to prepare concrete sector programmes," Zyska said, explaining that these programmes could either be implemented by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management or other financial institutions and commercial banks.

The official noted that hydrogen would be used in the Polish economy in road and rail transport, in industry and as a so called energy storehouse.

Zyska said that Poland wanted to produce 'green' hydrogen from renewable energy sources, and added that there was a huge chance to achieve this.

"The hydrogen strategy must envisage what sectors could use hydrogen," he went on to say.

Recalling that at the moment hydrogen was produced mainly in Upper Silesia, southern Poland, the official said that there were future plans to manufacture it at offshore wind farms.