Poland to make sixth attempt to choose new ombudsman

The Sejm, lower house of the Polish parliament, will make its sixth attempt to elect a new ombudsman, PAP has found.

Marcin Wiacek, this time the only candidate for the post, was put forward by all major caucuses, including the ruling Law and Justice (PiS), the Sejm wrote on its website.

With the support of all caucuses, Wiacek's candidacy is likely to approved by both the Sejm and the Senate.

Wiacek was a candidate for the post during the previous attempt to appoint a new ombudsman but lost the vote in the Sejm to Lidia Staron, who was put forward by PiS. Her appointment, however, was later rejected by the Senate.

Parliament has already tried five times to choose a successor to current ombudsman Adam Bodnar, whose term of office expired at the beginning of September last year.

On April 15, Poland's Constitutional Tribunal ruled that Bodnar could no longer continue to hold his position because his five-year term had expired.