Poland to host TechDays within Weimar Triangle format

Poland will organise Weimar TechDays in the southern city of Kraków as part of the Weimar Triangle, a trilateral cooperation format that encompasses France, Germany and Poland, Entrepreneurship and Technology Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz said on Tuesday.

"We would like it to take place in Kraków. We are working on it with France and Germany. We believe that if we want to improve European competitiveness today, then building new and attractive technological and innovative solutions can certainly take place along the Paris-Berlin-Warsaw axis. They are one of the biggest European economies," the minister stressed.

At a meeting of the so-called Friends of Industry in Paris in December, Emilewicz underscored that the Weimar format lacked "an economic leg."

The Polish entrepreneurship minister met with French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire in February.

The Weimar Triangle was established as a platform for cooperation between France, Germany and Poland in 1991, but in recent years its works have stalled.