Poland to get special support for its aid to Ukraine says Japanese PM

Fumio Kishida was in the Polish capital following his visit to Kyiv earlier in the week. Radek Pietruszka/PAP

Poland will get development assistance from Japan owing to its support for Ukraine, the Japanese prime minister said in Warsaw on Wednesday.

Fumio Kishida was in the Polish capital following his visit to Kyiv earlier in the week.

He said that in order to end Russian aggression against Ukraine as soon as possible, it is important that like-minded countries, including Poland, remain united and continue to impose severe sanctions on Russia and provide support for Ukraine.

"Due to the growing burden placed on Poland owing to Russia's prolonged aggression against Ukraine, I informed the Prime Minister that we have decided to treat Poland in a special way by making it a recipient of Official Development Assistance, even though Poland is already developing economically and is not classified as a country receiving aid," said Kishida during a joint press conference with Mateusz Morawiecki, his Polish peer.

Morawiecki said it was important that Poland and Japan cooperate closely to counter Russian aggression.

"Our countries lie on two extreme sides, the borders of Russia, but we perfectly understand the threat posed by Russian imperialism to world peace and to international order," he said during a joint statement with Kishida.

Morawiecki thanked his Japanese counterpart for his visit to Kyiv, and said that it was "clear proof and a symbol of support for Ukraine's ambitions, for plans to maintain sovereignty, territorial integrity, for the defence of freedom and democracy."

According to him, "a new geopolitical order is being born before our eyes."

"Countries that think alike about peace, stability and freedom must cooperate very closely - just like Poland and Japan," he said.