Poland to focus on what is common in relations with Hungary says PM

Despite the recent chill in Polish-Hungarian relations over differing views of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the two countries will cooperate in areas of common interest, Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, has said.

Polish-Hungarian have deteriorated since Moscow sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine on February 24. Hungary's lukewarm support for Kyiv while continuing its close relations with Moscow have been a disappointment for Poland, which is a staunch supporter of Kyiv and has accepted the greatest number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe.

But in an interview with the Polish weekly Wprost, Morawiecki said "today, in a way we're throwing aside the differences and focusing on issues related to our political and economic interests in the European Union."

Morawiecki admitted that "not all has been annulled" and added that Warsaw and Budapest still differed on the strength of support for Ukraine.

"But let us remember that none of the seven packages of sanctions (against Russia - PAP) would have been introduced (by the EU - PAP) without consent from Hungary and (Prime Minister - PAP) Viktor Orban," Morawiecki said.

Hungary is Poland's main ally in the EU when it comes to its conflict with Brussels over the rule of law. Similarly, Poland supports Hungary, which is criticised by Brussels for what it sees as curbing minority and media freedoms. The rule of law concerns have left both Poland and Hungary without billions of euros in the EU's post-pandemic recovery money. Both countries need to meet certain rule-of-law requirements to get the funds.