Poland to continue modernisation of mining sector - PM

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said that Poland will press ahead with plans to upgrade the Polish mining sector.

In a Facebook post to mark St Barbara’s Day--Barbara being the patron saint of miners--Morawiecki wrote that the government would not spare any efforts to make the sector ever more modern, safer and cleaner.

"This year's Barborka [Barbara] is unique, as it is overshadowed by the pandemic,” he wrote. “The future of the economy depends on how quickly we can defeat the virus. Nevertheless, we are not giving up on our plans for the Polish mining industry. We want it to be more and more modern, cleaner and safer."

Poland’s continuing reliance on coal as a major power source has drawn criticism from both inside the country and out, but the government has argued that a gradual phase out of coal rather than a rapid one, is a better policy for Poland.

The prime , apart from conveying best wishes, appealed to miners to donate plasma. "It is something more than just a noble gesture, it is a gift of life," he added.