Poland to continue efforts for good EU budget - PM's aide

Poland wants to negotiate a good EU budget for the country and the debate is expected to continue for several months, the head of the Polish PM's Office, Michal Dworczyk said on Tuesday.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will attend EU's extraordinary summit devoted to the bloc's 2021-2027 budget in Brussels on Thursday. In Dworczyk's opinion, no final decisions will be made during this meeting.

"We want to negotiate a good budget for Poland and we know that efforts to obtain funds for agriculture are very important," Dworczyk told a private TV broadcaster TVN24, adding that, in this matter, Poland has the support of other countries, including France.

According to Dworczyk, the debate on the EU budget is bound to last for a few months as "there are still big discrepancies that need to be worked on" and talking about concrete sums would be "premature."

He also said that he is convinced that the EU will not introduce a mechanism linking EU funds to the observance of rule of law.

"Such a mechanism would be incompatible with EU treaties. Even EU lawyers said that," Dworczyk said, adding that the introduction of such an instrument would mean "a certain discretion."

Meanwhile, European Council President Charles Michel said that a qualified majority of member states would be needed to decide on the freezing of funds. The EC proposed an inverted mechanism, that such a majority would be required to block the decision. This issue, according to sources, may lengthen Thursday's discussions on the budget.

A new negotiating document presented by EU sources in Brussels on Friday, which is to form the basis of negotiations at the Thursday summit, provides for a level of budgetary expenditure equal to 1.074 percent of the combined Gross National Income (GNI) of the member states.

Minister for European Affairs Konrad Szymanski said on Monday that Poland had improved its position regarding the EU's cohesion policy by more than EUR 3 billion, counting it together with the country's participation in the reform support instrument.

In addition to more funds for cohesion, Poland will also receive about EUR 2 billion from the Just Transformation Fund. However, Michel wants access to half of this money, according to sources, to depend on whether Poland agrees to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.