Poland to call on EC to help solve problem caused by Ukrainian grain exports

The Polish government will ask the European Commission to create mechanisms that will prevent Ukrainian grain exports from ending up in Poland, the government spokesman has said.

Warsaw has said Ukrainian grain exports, instead of being exported further, are building up in Poland, depressing domestic prices and causing financial problems for farmers.

"The government will appeal to the European Commission for mechanisms which will secure the rational export of grain from Ukraine," Piotr Mueller told a Polish public radio programme in Gdansk, northern Poland, on Thursday.

"Poland can support exports of Ukrainian grain to African countries but we must also take care of the situation on the Polish market," Mueller continued.

"Poland will ask the EC to start appropriate actions in order to reach this aim, including the restoration of customs duties on grain reaching Poland," the spokesman said.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Wednesday that Poland wanted the EC to use "all necessary means, including quotas, protective duties and various regulations," but went on to explain that Warsaw would not hinder Ukrainian grain transit to other countries.

In a letter to the European Commission, Poland has also asked for compensation for loss of profits suffered by Polish farmers.

"There is an EC declaration regarding support worth several dozen million euros. Of course, this is too little," Mueller said, adding that more steps should be taken.

But he added Russia that was responsible for the situation on the grain market.

"We forget that there is a war going on behind our border, a war during which hundreds of people are being killed every day," the spokesman continued, adding that this was the cause of the destabilisation.

Having admitted that the situation was difficult, Mueller said that the government had already prepared a relief package, and added that "it has not been downplaying the problem."