Poland to build new approach channel to Swinoujscie seaport

A Polish government agency has signed a EUR 1.65 billion agreement with a local maritime authority for the expansion of the water transport infrastructure in the outer port of Swinoujscie in northeastern Poland.

The Centre for EU Transport Projects on Tuesday signed a contract with the Maritime Office in Szczecin for the implementation of the works to enable water transport to the outer port of Swinoujscie.

The cost of the investment is PLN 7.33 billion (EUR 1.65 billion), of which approximately PLN 2.8 billion (EUR 632 million) is co-financed from EU funds. The programme's total value is PLN 10.26 billion (EUR 2.3 billion).

Under the project, a 17 metres deep, 500 metres wide and 70 kilometres long approach channel will be built in Polish territorial waters.

The expansion programme consists of three interrelated investment tasks. In addition to the expansion of the approach channel, it also includes the construction of a breakwater for the new outer port and the purchase of a dredger to maintain the fairway.

The currently functioning approach channel to the port of Swinoujscie is 14.5 metres deep, and part of it runs outside Polish waters.

Marek Grobarczyk, a deputy infrastructure minister, said that "the contract signed today... will enable the reception of the largest container ships that are able to enter the Baltic Sea."

The implementation of the project will allow for safe water transport to the outer port of Swinoujscie for a larger number of bigger ships and will increase the capacity of the access infrastructure to the port as well as reducing the likelihood of ships queuing in the fairway.

The Polish city of Swinoujscie is home to one of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea area.

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