Poland to adopt German transformation model for mining industry

Poland to adopt German transformation model for mining industry Andrzej Grygiel/PAP

Poland will adopt a long-term model of transforming its mining industry and departing from its reliance on coal, following the example of Germany, agreed a government delegation and mining unions on Thursday morning after hours of talks.

However, there is still no consensus whether Poland will drop coal by 2050, as the government wants, or by 2060, as the unions demand amid an underground strike of some 200 miners.

"The most important thing is that we have decided that the transformation will follow a similar model as in Germany. This means that we are working on the so-called German model of a long-term transformation of mining. We have managed to initially agree on certain elements of investments in modern technologies," Dominik Kolorz, a union head, said after nearly 12 hours of negotiations.

A full agreement is yet to be written down, Deputy State Assets Minister Artur Sobon said, adding that the completion date for the transformation should be specified in the document.

"We are saying (that the date should be) by 2060, the government side is saying by 2050, and we have a difference of 10 years here. Perhaps we will meet somewhere in the middle," Kolorz said.

The talks are set to continue as miners continue their protest