Poland three notches up in wealth ranking over 5 years - report

Poland ranks 19th in Europe in terms of national wealth, up three places since 2015, a Polish daily reported citing the Warsaw Enterprise Institute think tank.

According to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Poland's position results from two factors. "Firstly, Polish citizens are not very rich. Secondly, the country's spending does not always bring the required rate of return."

Ahead of Poles are Czechs (13th), Lithuanians (16th), Estonians (17th) and Slovaks (18th), according to the Wealth of Nations Index created by the institute, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna wrote.

Poland is followed by Hungary, with Romania and Bulgaria closing the ranking in 24th and 25th places.

The Irish, Austrians and Danes are the three most affluent nations in Europe.

Further positions in the ranking are taken by the Dutch and Germans, followed by Belgians, Finns, Swedes and the British with the French closing the top ten.

The ranking does not include Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta.