Poland spent EUR 48.5 mln on humanitarian aid in 2017

Simone Soldà/Freeimages

Poland spent a total of PLN 202 million (EUR 48.5 million) on humanitarian aid in 2017, mostly for Syria, and would now also try to help Africa, the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper reported on Thursday.

As the paper has established, the majority of support in 2017 - almost PLN 160 million (EUR 38.4 million) - was allocated to victims of the conflict in Syria. 

In institutional terms, the main part of the funds - some PLN 125.2 million (EUR 30 million) - was channelled through international institutions. 

Domestic organisations, on the other hand, distributed PLN 31 million (EUR 7.4 million) of central-budget money, while also raising over PLN 46 million (EUR 11 million) themselves, including from voluntary donations by the Polish public. 

As the Foreign Ministry informed Rzeczpospolita, in the new calendar year, the aid would be addressed mainly to those affected by the civil war in Syria and the conflict in Iraq.

A total of PLN 27 million (EUR 6.5 million) has been earmarked for the purpose (excluding Warsaw's contribution to the European Union's programme for Turkey) and "the figure will probably be gradually enlarged with funds from the central-budget reserve," a Ministry of Finance official told the daily. 

Moreover, the government also plans to help refugees in Africa, Rzeczpospolita reported. 

In the words of an aide to Beata Kempa, who oversees humanitarian aid and refugee affairs at the Prime Minister's Office, "we are considering the provision of support for refugees from Eritrea and Sudan."