Poland shows it’s ready for compromise in dispute with EC - PM

Poland has tangible facts to present in the form of legal amendments it has introduced, which shows the country is willing to seek a compromise amid determination to reform its justice system, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said after a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The disciplinary procedure under the EU's Article 7 that the European Commission (EC) launched against Poland is the result of "a fundamental misunderstanding", PM Morawiecki told a press briefing.

"We're after long talks with the European Commission, with (EC) President (Jean-Claude) Juncker, with (EC) Deputy President (Frans) Timmermans, and when I met President Juncker in Sofia (...) I received very positive confirmation that he appreciates the amendments and our compromise-oriented approach," the prime minister said.

"Then of course we expected some positive move on the part of the whole European Commission. The most positive move hasn't come, I mean closing the Article 7 (procedure)," Morawiecki said. "I regret that because I believe it should be withdrawn," he added.

Explaining the nature of the "fundamental misunderstanding", the Polish PM said that "our Western European friends and partners do not realise how the post-communist reality looks like, the reality that we've been struggling with, and I admit that some things can be done only after 25 years."

Poland held its first partially-free parliamentary elections in June 1989, after nearly 45 years of communist rule.