Poland should take over non-state media when possible - Deputy PM

Piotr Nowak/PAP

State-owned companies should take over media wherever possible, Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Glinski told the RMF FM radio broadcaster on Tuesday, commenting on the possible purchase of a publishing company by Polish fuel concern PKN Orlen,

Last week, British weekly The Economist wrote that PKN Orlen was in talks with German publishing house Verlagsgruppe Passau (VGP) on the purchase of its Polish operation, Polska Press.

Glinski expressed dissatisfaction at the fact that current media ownership in the country is dominated by media which "are not in the hands of the capital linked to the Polish government."

"It is not normal that almost all the local press is in the hands of one corporation, second of all, a German corporation in Poland. It is not consistent with European standards because the media market is especially sensitive due to its impact on the functioning of democracy, and we have to change this situation," the minister added.