Poland sets up compensation fund to cover adverse effects of vaccines

Paweł Supernak/PAP

The Polish government is preparing a compensation fund that will offer payments to people vaccinated against the coronavirus who suffer a serious negative reaction to the jab, the health minister has announced.

A single compensation payment will range from PLN 10,000 to PLN 100,000 (EUR 2,200-22,000) and the threshold to receive the money would be 14 days spent in hospital following the vaccination, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski told a press conference on Tuesday.

Anaphylactic shock followed by an at least 14-day hospital stay will be another reason to get the compensation, the minister added.

Referring to the ongoing vaccination programme, Niedzielski said that "having carried out 250,000 vaccinations, one person in the whole country is potentially eligible to receive the compensation."

He went on to say that 37 undesirable postvaccinal reactions have been recorded, including 32 mild ones, four serious ones and one very serious reaction.

The fund will be financed by the money that the government has earmarked for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and, from 2022, also from contributions by vaccine producers, Niedzielski said, adding that the compensation fund will ultimately be transformed into a separate agency.

The fund will significantly speed up compensation payouts compared to standard complaints filed with courts.