Poland sends over half a million Covid vaccines to Vietnam

A shipment of more than half a million doses of Astra Zeneca's Covid vaccine was due to leave for Vietnam on Friday as part of Poland's help for a country facing an increasingly difficult epidemiological situation, the foreign ministry said on Friday.

Poland decided to send to Vietnam 501,600 Astra Zeneca shots in response to the Vietnamese authorities' call for help, the ministry said in a Friday statement.

The shipment is expected to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday, the statement added.

Vietnam has seen a rapid increase in Covid-19 infections and deaths since June owing to the spread of the delta variant, the foreign ministry said, adding that the country does not have enough doses to secure vaccinations for all those willing to have one.

According to the statement, the pool of vaccines sent to Vietnam comes from a supply surplus, and will be distributed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health according to local needs.

In the coming weeks, Poland will also deliver to Vietnam over 8 tonnes of medical and personal protective equipment.