Poland sends medical team to Romania

Marek Zakrzewski/PAP

The Polish government is sending medical personnel and a load of equipment to Romania to help the country cope with a worsening pandemic, Polish officials announced at a press conference on Thursday.

Romania has experienced a rapid increase in the number of Covid cases, with the daily infection rate topping 18,000 last week, while daily deaths exceeded 500 this week.

The head of the Government Strategic Reserves Agency, Michal Kuczmierowski, told reporters that several trucks carrying oxygen concentrators, ventilators, cardiac monitors and personal protective equipment for medics had left Poland on Wednesday.

"Poland regularly transfers equipment and medical supplies to other countries... but this is a special transport, because a group of Polish medics is traveling with it," Kuczmierowski said.

He added that Poland can help other countries in their fight against Covid since the country's domestic needs are secured in this respect.

Kuczmierowski also said that Poland is ready to increase its support Romania, if necessary.

Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek, a Polish deputy foreign minister, told the press conference that Romania is one of Poland's closest strategic partners in the area of security.

He said that the country was seeing a rapid increase in Covid-19 infections and that Poland had already sent one transport of medical equipment to the country some two weeks ago.