Poland sends aid to refugees in Greece

Poland will provide 188 tonnes of hygiene products and school articles for refugees in Greece, Poland's Humanitarian Aid Minister Beata Kempa informed on Friday.

Kempa said the PLN 1 million (EUR 230,000) aid project was partnered by the Father Werenfried Foundation and the Orthodox Church.

Kempa said Greece needed the aid owing to the large numbers of refugees on its territory. She added that the refugee problem affected not only the Greek islands, but also the country's mainland, and stated that the Polish project was addressed to around 4 thousand families (20,000 people) in Greek refugee camps.

Commenting on Poland's negative stance towards the EU's quota-based refugee relocation instrument, Kempa said Poland considered it more useful to provide on-the-spot aid than resettle refugees in Europe, and stressed that Poles also showed a strong acceptance of this type of aid.

Kempa stressed that Poles should feel proud of the aid they provide to refugees, especially as not so long ago they themselves were aid recipients.

"We still remember well that quite recently it was we who received aid. (...) So, now that we're in a slightly better situation, we are showing our gratitude by helping others," Kempa said.