Poland sees EUR 7.7 bln budget surplus after July - MinFin

The state budget showed a surplus of PLN 35.3 billion (EUR 7.7 billion) after July, with budget revenues at PLN 278.1 billion (EUR 60.7 billion), a 17.9 rise year on year, the Polish finance minister said on Friday.

Tadeusz Koscinski said budget revenues in July totalled PLN 44.1 billion (EUR 9.6 billion), a 14.8 percent rise year on year, with expenses at PLN 242.8 billion (EUR 53 billion).

According to latest Finance Ministry data, Poland recorded a nearly PLN 28 billion (EUR 6.13 billion) state budget surplus at the end of June.

Poland plans a PLN 82.3 billion (EUR 18.03 billion) budget deficit in 2021.