Poland seeks to expand its Territorial Defence Force - deputy PM

Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

Poland will focus on expanding the Polish armed forces, both professional and the Territorial Defence Force (WOT), Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin said on Sunday.

Sasin, who took part in the oath of allegiance ceremony by soldiers of the 2nd Lublin Territorial Defence Brigade in the eastern town of Hrubieszow, said that Poland's defence plan is based on strong alliances under the North Atlantic Pact and the alliance with the United States, but also on its own armed forces with territorial defence troops to be the first to respond to various threats.

"I am happy that today 24,000 soldiers serve in the territorial defence force, Sasin said adding that the government wants to strengthen and develop WOT "not only quantitatively but also qualitatively."

Launched at the beginning of 2017, the WOT is tasked with supporting the operational forces and local communities, including during natural disasters.